Roadmap to IELTS Speaking Success!

Roadmap to IELTS Speaking Success!

Roadmap to IELTS Speaking Success!




If you’re reading this the chances are you're facing the IELTS Speaking exam and want to make sure you're successful on
the big day. What can you do in the time available to increase your chances of passing with the highest possible grade? Well, three things are essential:

Goal 1: Make sure you know what to expect in the exam so you can prepare effectively and avoid any nasty surprises on
the big day.

Goal 2: Know your strengths in speaking English and the areas you need to improve.

Goal 3: Take every opportunity to develop your English!

Speaking is often the one skill many students get the least amount of practice in. Why?

Let’s imagine you’re currently living in a non-English speaking country. Let’s also imagine you're lucky enough to be attending a weekly one-hour Speaking lesson in a class of 12 students - that's 60 minutes.

Take off ten minutes for late arrivals, greetings and administration at the start and end of the lesson - that's 50 minutes left.

The teacher might talk for about 30% of the lesson including giving instructions, feedback etc. - that's 35 minutes left.

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